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Data Science With R


    12 Weeks


    8 hours

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Course Overview

This 64-hour Data Science with R course introduces both the theoretical foundation of Data Science Algorithms as well as their practical applications in R. Companies must leverage insights buried beneath mountains of data , hence they need specially trained and highly skilled people who can turn endless streams of data into useful insight and actionable intelligence. By attending this data science course, you'll master data exploration, data visualization, descriptive analytics, and machine learning algorithms with R language. With this data science course, you'll get hands-on practice by implementing various real-life, industry-based projects in the domains of healthcare, retail, insurance, and many more.


  • This course does not require sophisticated mathematical knowledge or extensive programming experience.
  • Having some programming experience is an added advantage but not mandatory
  • A laptop is an important item needed for this training.
  • The Laptop should have minimum of 2GB RAM and minimum of 25GB free hard disk space.


Certificates are awarded at the end of the training at the satisfactory completion of the course. Students who complete their assignments , final project and attend a minimum of 85% of all classes are eligible for the certificate of completion.


  • Module 1: Introduction to R and Data Science
  • Module 2: Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Module 3: Introduction to Statistics
  • Module 4: Linear Regression
  • Module 5: Clustering Methods
  • Module 6: Sentiment Analysis
  • Module 7: Introduction to Machine Learning
  • MODULE 8: Machine Learning Techniques

Class Date

  • October 10th - November 29th 2020


  • Live session via Zoom .
Meet the Instructors
Hamid Abdulsalam

Hamid Abdulsalam

Data Scientist
Babatunde Adebayo

Babatunde Adebayo

Business Intelligence Analyst

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