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    4 Week


    8 hours

  • FEE


Course Overview

This Course is designed to introduce business analytics knowledge to the participants. Students will learn how to analyze data and discover new information to Improve decision making. Business Analytics includes a range of activities, including business intelligence, which is comprised of standard and ad hoc reports, queries and alerts; and quantitative methods, including statistical analysis, forecasting/extrapolation, predictive modeling, optimization and simulation..


  • Must Have R and Rstudio Installed
  • Must Have Excel Installed


Certificates are awarded at the end of the training at the satisfactory completion of the course. Students who complete their assignments , final project and attend a minimum of 85% of all classes are eligible for the certificate of completion.


  • Module 1: Introduction to Business Analytics
  • Module 2: Data Visualization
  • Module 3: Linear Regression
  • Module 4: Market Basket Analysis
  • Module 5: Clustering Techniques
  • Module 6: Optimization and Simulation
Meet the Instructors
Hamid Abdulsalam

Hamid Abdulsalam

Data Scientist
Babatunde Adebayo

Babatunde Adebayo

Business Intelligence Analyst

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