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  • Date :September 19, 2018

Best 3 Best 3 resources for every data scientist

Many people have started showing interest in Data science and analytics, it is expected that the number of professional data scientist will increase in the next couple of years. Factual Analytics has compiled a list of 3 resources to help improve your data analytic skills.


Kaggle is unarguably the home of data science. It is the world’s largest community of data scientists and machine learning experts. Kaggle has thousands of public datasets for training and learning purpose. Occasionally, data science competitions are hosted on kaggle which has resulted in the development of many successful global projects. As an aspiring data scientist, Kaggle should be your top data science website.

Towards Data Science

Towards Data Science is a community of prolific data scientists with the aim of learning from one another through sharing of concepts , ideas and codes. If you are the process of becoming a data scientist, you should visit Towards Data science for stories on interesting projects.

Data is Beautiful

Data is beautiful is subreddit platform for data visualization. Here, people learn from one and another through discussion and by contributing to each other’s project(s). Data scientist are Challenged to work with a new dataset every month to produce the best visual, Reddit Gold is always given to the data scientist with the best visual. As an aspiring data scientist, you always visit data is beautiful subreddit to learn from other data scientists.