About Factual Analytics

Factual Analytics is a registered data analytics and training firm specialized in machine learning, business intelligence, data visualization, Statistical Inference and computing . We integrate data analytics best practices across teams and industries to empower professionals and exponentially improve business operations.Our team of data scientists help in setting up your team for long-term data-driven innovation.We are highly devoted to enhancing the understandability of computational and statistical methods, with the aim of making a lots of individuals and organizations to start utilizing data to drive their passion.

We bring out meaningful insight from your data, through careful and conscious analysis.Our professionals have years of experience in statistical modeling and business intelligence and we use both commercial and open source software packages in conjunction with data-driven analysis to help organizations profile, segment, report & visualize their data assets.

We are highly passionate about what we do and our ultimate data analytics goal is to unlock the full value of your data. Factual Analytics has a strong link with academia and is kept up-to-date with the latest techniques. We look forward to hearing from you.

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