Bringing out valid insights from your data.

About Factual Analytics

Factual Analytics is a leading data analytics and training firm specialized in machine learning, business intelligence, Statistical Inference, computing, data visualization. We integrate data analytics best practices across teams and industries to empower professionals and exponentially improve business operations.

Decision-making in companies is increasingly supported by data analysis, mathematical models and simulation. These are crucial factors when it comes to understanding market behaviour and developing solutions based on facts and figures

The amount and variety of data being generated in the world today are unprecedented. As this growth continues exponentially, so do the opportunities for organizations to capture value from their data. At Factual Analytics, we guide our clients by delivering cutting edge data analytics solutions.

Our professionals have years of experience in statistical modelling and business intelligence and we use both commercial and open source software packages in conjunction with datadriven analysis to help organizations profile, segment, report & visualize their data assets.